How do I search for new music?

Tap the search tab at the bottom of the screen to see the search page, then use the search bar at the top to search for songs by name. You can also browse through Top Tracks, Top Albums, New Releases, and Genres on the search home page

How do I share a playlist?

Open one of your playlists in the Playlists tab, then tap the Share Playlist button at the top, which will give you a link that you can copy or share on social media. When people open that link, they'll be able to see that playlist and can add it in their Musicana app

How do I add a playlist somebody else has shared?

If you open a shared playlist link like "", it will either open a web browser showing all the tracks or open the Musicana app directly and give you the choice of creating a new playlist with all the tracks or adding individual tracks. Alternatively, on the Playlists tab you can click the + button and choose the option to add a shared playlist, and you can paste the shared playlist link to open that as well

How do I add tracks to a playlist or my library?

Tap the + button next to a track, which will show a screen where you can select whether to add it to your library or a playlist, then tap Done to add the track

How do I create a new playlist?

You can create a new playlist on the "Add Track" screen, or by tapping the + button at the top right of the Playlists screen

How do I reorder tracks in my playlist?

Tap and hold the three bars on the right side of a track, then drag to reorder

How do I delete tracks from a playlist or my library?

Swipe left on a track to reveal the delete button, which you can tap to delete a track

How do I rename tracks?

Swipe left on a track to reveal the rename button, or when you first add a track, there should be a Rename button at the top right of the Add Track screen

What should I do if tracks will not play on cellular data (such as AT&T or Cricket) or an error message tells me to open the Help section?

You may need to verify your account in that case. You can sign in to your YouTube account by clicking here and then tapping the profile button at the top right to sign in. This will also verify your account for playing age-restricted content or opening private playlists. After signing in, try to open a video on the YouTube website to see if it plays. If it works, return to this app and try to play something again.

If that did not work, you can try clearing your cookies by clicking here and then sign in again. If those options still did not work, please try the other options in the answers below.

What can I do if I'm experiencing bugs such as the search not working or the app randomly stops?

Some issues can be solved by deleting and re-downloading the app. Please backup your playlists and library in the Settings menu first and save your Backup Code for restoring them later. Then delete the app from your phone's home screen and download it again on the App Store. If that still doesn't work, please send a feedback email to us with screenshots or a screen recording of the app showing what's wrong.

What should I do if I'm still having issues after re-downloading the app?

If you're still encountering other issues, you can try resetting your playback settings by clicking here.